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Access Covers Overview

Sterling Quik-Release Access Covers are designed as a replacement  for OEM covers and dangerous make-shift covering systems. The Cam-Fast system allows for added functionality and ease of use with no alterations to the motor frame. Whether for inspection or venting, the system allows fast access to your worn brushes or other components without removing any hardware from the installation.

Cam-bolts for access covers
The Bolt

The cam locks just past a small bump in the cam washer.  This keeps the bolt from backing out during heavy vibration on the motor. When you need to get to your worn parts, simply turn the bolt a half-turn counter clockwise. The cam will disengage the washer and the cover can be easily removed. All hardware stays affixed to the motor, resulting in no dropped parts or damage to other machinery.

Channel for DC motor covers
The Channel

The channel, simply put, holds the cover along the bottom edge. The cover rests between the channel and the motor frame. When the cover needs to be removed the cam bolts are turned and the cover is pulled back and off the machine. The channel, like the cam-bolts, remains affixed to the machine. It also provides an important "third-hand" when manipulating larger covers.

The Coating

All Quik-Release covers and channels are powder coated. Our coating provides unsurpassed adhesion for the most chemical and impact resistance possible. Your covers will keep functioning like new for years.

The Extras

Our covers are built with durability in mind with every single component. The windows are virtually shatter proof. The gasket is chemical and compression resistant for long seal life and any exposed metal is stainless steel. The end story is your new cover will be built to withstand nearly any operating condition no matter how caustic.

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